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Geometric shapes have never been so colorful and fun! Take the opportunity to color your walls!

Dimensions: 6.5 cms X 6 cms

Dimensions: 11 cms X 10.5 cms
Pack of 6 units (3 balls each) or Pack of 10 units (5 balls each)

Stickers with unique reusable design
100% Portuguese
Remove our stickers from the base they come in and transform your walls in a matter of minutes.
Our stickers are made of self-adhesive vinyl with a matte finish and a sticky glue that allows you to replace them 3 times.
The stickers are completely cut out by the border of the design, not having any margins.
In case of any scratches or dirt, clean with a multipurpose cloth and warm water.
Wall texture:
For a better adhesion of our stickers, we suggest that the walls are not too textured, preferably smoother.
See how to apply in our “How to apply” tab.

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