Escolha 6 unidades de todos os animais que temos disponíveis.

Animals 6 Pack - Kids Wall Sticker - Croki Designs

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Did you know you can make your own animal pack? You can choose all the same, all different or three from one animal and three from another! The choice is yours and there are many possibilities for mixing! Take the opportunity to personalize your children's room with their favorite animals!

Always keep the bases on which the stickers are glued to preserve the glue in case you want to save them for later, move house or re-stick them months later.


Stickers with an exclusive reusable design and don't ruin walls!
100% Portuguese
Remove our stickers from the base they come on and transform your walls in a matter of minutes.
Our stickers are made from self-adhesive vinyl with a matte finish and an adhesion glue that allows you to reattach them 3 times.
The stickers are cut completely along the edge of the design without any margins.
In case of any scratches or dirt, clean with a multi-purpose cloth and warm water.
Wall texture:
For better adhesion of our stickers, we suggest that the walls are not too textured, preferably smoother and free from humidity.
See how to apply in our tab "How to apply" .

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