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The fastest, the strongest and his mane... we're talking about the King of the Jungle, the Lion. Protector of his family, he sleeps during the day and is alert at night :)

Bring the King of the Jungle, vigilante and protector to color your children's room!

lion head

Dimensions: 12cmx13.5cm


lion body:

Dimensions: 17cmx11cm

ref. 2022__107_LCP

Pack of 6 includes 3 heads and 3 bodies

Pack of 10 includes 5 heads and 5 bodies

Stickers with an exclusive design that are reusable and do not damage walls!
100% Portuguese
Remove our stickers from the base they come in and transform your walls in a matter of minutes.
Our stickers are made of self-adhesive vinyl with a matte finish and an adhesive glue that allows you to replace them 3 times.
The stickers are completely cut out by the border of the design, not having any margins.
In case of any scratches or dirt, clean with a multipurpose cloth and warm water.
Wall texture:
For a better adhesion of our stickers, we suggest that the walls are not too textured, preferably smoother.
See how to apply in our tab “How to apply” .

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