Christmas Ornament Wall Stickers

Christmas Ornament Wall Stickers

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Arriving at the most special and magical month of the year, Christmas ornaments could not be missing, essential to decorate any space. And ours are inspired by what makes Christmas so special. From the crown, the star, the gift, the snowman, the cane, the sock, the bell, the reindeer and, lastly, Santa Claus.

Live Christmas with your children by having fun gluing ornaments in their rooms and experiencing the spirit of sharing that is so characteristic of this season!

And as all of our stickers are reusable, when the festive season is over, peel them off and stick them on the base to use next Christmas.

ref. 2023_130_ORN
Dimensions: varies depending on the ornament

Pack of 8 units

Stickers with unique reusable design
100% Portuguese
Remove our stickers from the base they come on and transform your walls in a matter of minutes.
Our stickers are made from self-adhesive vinyl with a matte finish and an adhesion glue that allows you to reattach them 3 times.
The stickers are cut completely along the edge of the design without any margins.
Cleaning :
In case of any scratches or dirt, clean with a multi-purpose cloth and warm water.
Wall texture:
For better adhesion of our stickers, we suggest that the walls are not too textured, preferably smoother and free from humidity.
See how to apply in our tab "How to apply" .

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